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Are you a local Casa Grande or Arizona City business without an IT Department? A home user that is having problems with that pesky computer of yours? CompuHelp, Inc. offers you a place to turn when things go wrong on your computer or network. We offer monthly service contracts, at a fraction of our regular cost! We specialize in customer service, and believe that our customer's needs come first. From virus removal to network infrastructure, we do it all!


Burn almost any video file to a playable DVD

Good life hacker article giving information on how to save downloaded videos on a DVD to playback on your TV.

Computer Repair Toolkit

Below are a collection of useful files for computer repair and maintenance.

CCleaner - Removes unnecessary files and registry info
JkDefragGUI - reorganizes files on your PC to improve performance.

DriveimageXML - backup your entire PC contents
Explore2fs - access files on Unix partitions
Double Killer - remove duplicate files

Deep Burner - backup information to a CD or DVD

7-Zip Portable - create and extract from  popular archive file formats

PC-Decrapifier - uninstalls common trialware


Process Explorer - Task Manager Replacement (more powerful)
System Information - System Information Details
ProduKey - Product ID and CD Key Finder
Autoruns - Identify programs started by Windows at boot time or when you log in.

HWMonitor - Temperature Monitor
GPU-Z - Identify the graphics component of your PC.

WirelessKeyView - Retrieves previously used wireless network keys/passwords stored in your computer,
TreeSize Free - View the amount of disk space used by any folder on your PC.
Game Key Revealer - Retrieves the CD-Key and serial numbers for all installed games on your computer
USBDView - Allows you to review the software installed to manage hardware connected to USB ports.

TrID - Determine the type of file (Word, Excel, PDF) when Windows can't because of different ext.
Codec Installer - Displays the video codecs currently installed on your PC.
Unknown Devices - Helps you identify unknown devices

GSpot - Analyzes video files to determine the video and audio codecs required

Repair Tools

Norton Removal Tool - Lets you easily remove specific Symantec products.

McAfee Removal Tool - Lets you easily remove McAfee consumer products.
LSPFix - Restores Internet access caused by faulty Layered Service Provider software.

Dial-a-Fix - Advanced utility for 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows fixing common problems easily.


Recuva - Recovers files which have been deleted from your computer
Restoration - Recovers files which have been deleted from your PC
Photorec - Recovers files even if your media's filesystem has been severely damaged or re-formatted.

DBXTract - Recovers e-mails from damaged Microsoft Outlook Express data files.

Network Tools

Wireshark - Allows network packets to be viewed and helps diagnose network problems.
Network Scanner - Lists which type of resources are available on the network.

PuTTY - SSH and Telnet client that allows you to login to Unix computers or devices
Network Stumbler - Wireless network scanner that lets you see network availability and signal strength.

Virus and Malware Removal Tools

ClamWin Antivirus - Virus Scanner
Rootkit Revealer - Rootkit detection utility
Combofix - Manual removal of spyware infections.

SmitFraudFix - Command prompt tool which removes "Desktop Hijack malware."

RogueFix - Detects and cleans Windows XP computers that are infected with fake security warnings
HijackThis - Scans your computer to find settings that may have been changed by spyware
HijackReader - Reads the log files create by HijackThis and provides advice on what to do.

SUPERAntiSpyware - Detect and remove spyware
Malwarebytes - Search and destroy malware


Mozilla Firefox Portable Web browser - Standalone application
JavaRa - Removes old and redundant versions of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Monitor Tester - Helps you adjust the settings of your monitor to get the best picture.

Dead Pixel Tester - Find any pixels on your LCD screen which are "stuck" or "dead"

ChkFlsh - Checks any flash drive for errors and displays their actual capacity.
Double Driver - Allows the device drivers that came with your PC when you bought it to be backed up.
SumatraPDF - Allows PDF documents to be viewed without having to reinstall Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Revo Uninstaller - Helps you easily remove unwanted programs installed on your computer


TweakUI - Lets you change various settings that are not exposed in the default user interface.

VistaTweaker - Tweaking utility designed for Windows Vista

It's so hard to say goodbye

This may be my last post to the website as an CompuHelp affiliate. As of Jan 1st 2009, I will be leaving the company to start my own company known as CornDog Computers. I have truly enjoyed working at CompuHelp. CompuHelp will continue to operate as normal providing the same great service that has built its strong reputation. CompuHelp and I will continue to work together on partner projects, and carry on our good relationship as Casa Grande, and Arizona City premier computer technicians. If you have any questions about this change please call me at (520) 208-6300. My website,, should be “live” by December 1st.