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Create PDFs for FREE!!!

I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!!! I am always asked by my customers, "Rob, how do I convert this word document into a PDF file?". Well the answer used to be more complex.

First of all, let me explain why you may need to convert a file to a PDF. In this "Hi-Tech" world of information exchanging that we live in, we share data all of the time. We use a word processing program to type a letter, create a spreadsheet to track data, and use our artistic sides to create publications. But there is one small problem with all of this. Have you ever had somebody send you a file that you couldn't open because you didn't have the right software installed? Have you ever spent hours working on a publication, or word document, only to send it to a client who couldn't open it, and see the fruits of your labor? Well I have. and the solution is FREE, and simple.

"PDF", stands for "Portable Document Format". Almost everyone who has a computer has a program to read PDF files. And if you don't, you can download free software such as Adobe Reader from No problem right? But how do you get a word document, or some proprietary file format converted into a PDF? (I'm so excited about this next part!)

A little company by the name of "Acro Software" has a FREE program called "CutePDF". This program creates a "virtual", or "imaginary" printer on your computer called CutePDF Writer. Once installed, open up that spreadsheet, or document that you want to convert, and print it. Instead of choosing your normal printer, choose the CutePDF Writer from the list of available printers, and hit print. Next, instead of shooting the paper out of the imaginary printer, another window pops up, and asks you where you want to save your new PDF file that you are creating. Give it a name, and save it where you want. Now you can email it to anyone with the comfort of knowing, they will be able to open it and read it, regardless of what program you originally used to create it.

So what are you waiting for? Go get the program now, and install it.... here's the website: You will thank me for it.