CompuHelp, Inc. is the product of the "Super Power" combined forces of James Staggs, (formerly of, and Rob Johnson, (formerly AZC Computers). Unstoppable in almost every way, CompuHelp, Inc. will be there to answer the call.

James Staggs - Owner and Senior Technician:

James has been in business in the Pinal County area for over 17 years. During that time he has helped literally thousands of customers with their computers. A master of technology and visionary in true customer service, he believes that our customer's needs are our prime directive. James is an expert in Internet technology, and brought the first Internet connection to Casa Grande (formerly He managed and transitioned major networks such as:

• Casa Grande Internet
• KNA Systems
• APC Networks
• Computer & Things
• Casa Grande Hosting

Rob Johnson - Contracts and Senior Technician:

Rob has managed to excel to the top of the ranks in a short time. In the "Tech Industry" for 10 years now, he has worked for #1 local companies such as Computer and Things, Inc., and started his own business, AZC Computers in 2004, to bring back customer service to the industry. In that time he has gained a large customer base, and set higher standards for the industry.

Brandon Staggs - Development and Senior Technician:

Brandon, although the youngest, is definetly the most aggresive. Started programing when he was five years old, and thanks to his Dad, he’s had his hands in this industry for most of his life. When ever there is a solution to be found, we turn to Brandon.